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Inductron's industry relevance

Our broad field of activity

There is hardly a modern technology-based industry that does not benefit from the high-quality and excellent components produced by Inductron. Inductive components can be found in almost all modern products and in countless areas of application.

From the aviation industry through medical technology and rail technology to applications for renewable energies and electromobility, we manufacture first-class inductive components and systems in line with specific customer requirements.

Our ability to produce highly customised products that meet our customers' exact demands has resulted in many long-term partnerships across diverse industries and resulted in many years of experience in dealing with customer-specific challenges and high-quality implementation.

Power Electronics & Drive Technology

Power electronics are applications and products that deal specifically with the conversion of electrical energy in a variety of many different areas and are an integral part of the field of electrical engineering. Power electronics can be found, for example, in solar inverters and converters for wind turbines.

Without such solutions, simply feeding regenerative energies into the power grid would not be technically feasible. High-quality power electronics are characterised above all by the fact that they forward the electricity obtained from renewable energy sources to the power grid without major loss and, above all, safely.

This is made possible by high-quality inductive components from Inductron, which have excellently balanced performance data. The drives of trains or electric cars must also be equipped with high-quality power electronics and constitute an important part of the work we do at Inductron.

These individual areas are among the most important sectors that use inductive components from Inductron. In addition to compliance with the required technical specifications, reliability and durability are the most important parameters for power electronics.

Rail Technology

In any modern transport infrastructure electrically operated trains are indispensable. Whether long-distance or local public transport: electric trains now make up a large part of the fleet of most modern train companies. Obviously such means of transport depend on reliable and durable power supply components.

Inductron produces a large number of inductive components for this well-established branch and supplies many well-known companies from the rail and transport sectors who need reliable large-scale series components to operate their trains. Of course, individually manufactured products are also available for isolated solutions or test programs.

Inductron strives to constantly deliver tailor-made products in line with the specific wishes and requirements of the customer. In addition to the long-term reliability and quality of the components, it is particularly important to many large railway technology companies that they are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Exactly this is the basis for a number of fruitful relationships between Inductron and the rail industry stretching back over many years.

Medical Technology

Modern medical technology relies heavily on the application of computers and electronic systems and Inductive components are an essential part of many devices used within the health system. Whether in clinical diagnostics, patient monitoring or radiology: inductive components have become indispensable within the medical sector.

A prime example of this is magnetic resonance imaging. This imaging procedure, also known as magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), is one of the most important diagnostic tools in modern medicine. In addition to the practical application possibilities of inductive systems in diagnostics and therapy, there is also a large number of devices and machines that are required in laboratory technology or for the development and production of medicines and vaccines.

Individual requirements for inductive components in the medical research sector are also very common and Inductron is able to implement such specifications reliably and with the required precision.

E-Mobility & Renewable Energy

Electromobility and renewable energies are among the fastest growing sectors in the modern world and rely heavily on the application of a variety of inductive electrical components.

This technology begins with large wind turbines, continues with implemented inverters on the solar systems of private housing, right through to heating pumps, which obtain their energy freely from the environment.

Modern heating systems and buffer storage tanks owe their high efficiency to the appropriate application of control electronics, and such devices often contain inductive technology from Inductron. The need for the development of high-quality and reliable electric vehicles is even greater.

If electromobility is to achieve a long-term and stable breakthrough in society, vehicles with electric drives must be at least as reliable and durable as their fossil fuel based competitors. Here in particular there is always a need for individual solutions.

Aviation Industry

Of course all Inductron customers expect durability and the highest quality when manufacturing inductive components and this has never been more important than in industries where safety depend wholly on the reliability of the components.

If there is one industry that cannot allow itself to compromise on safety, it's the aviation industry, which must rely on first-class inductive components whose quality clearly exceeds the requirements. Whether in the modern fly-by-wire control of an airplane such as the Airbus A380 or the control of individual engine components - Inductron provides appropriate solutions for a variety of companies within the aviation industry.

Since there is also a particularly large number of technical innovations in this industry, it is important to have the flexibility to be able to integrate these highly specific technologies into the design and production of the inductive components and adapt to new requirements accordingly.

In addition to a reliable power supply, the right understanding of magnetics is imperative when developing components in order to prevent malfunctions or control unexpected fluctuations in aircraft systems.

Installation Technology

Installation technology is an integral and important area for all electricity suppliers and power plant operators and, as extremely high demands on the safety and performance of their systems are set, safe and reliable solutions are imperative.

Current transformers or voltage converters, many of which operate under high voltage, must be designed to be correspondingly robust and powerful in order to maintain a stable power supply.

Inductron works with many companies in this industry and provides them with the right components and products that meet all industry regulations - and in many cases our components even go above and beyond the set requirements.

Inductron has been developing and producing such components for many years and supports its customers in this industry with our usual expertise within a professional and service-oriented environment.

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