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The Inductron Group, headquartered in Schrobenhausen, is your specialist for inductive components.

Our corporate philosophy is geared towards maximum customer satisfaction and the relationship of trust with our clients is of the upmost importance to us. Adherence to promised deadlines and the outstanding quality of our products and services are the instruments with which we have successfully gained and retained this customer trust for decades.

The absolute reliability of our company and our products is always in the foreground in all our activities. Regardless of whether we are dealing with regular customers or new customers: we devote ourselves to all clients with the same professionalism, flexibility and reliability.

In our opinion, transparency and open discussions are particularly important in order to develop suitable custom solutions and to respond in a customer-oriented manner. Therefore, we not only constantly improve our processes and production methods, but also constantly expand our capacities using the most modern of technical facilities available to us.

Responsibility towards our customers is of course only one of the many pillars that constitute our corporate philosophy. In addition, responsibility for society, the environment and ethical standards are our guiding principles in all our dealings.

The origin of the raw materials used for our products is also very important to us. Therefore, in our corporate policy, we have fundamentally refrained from using so-called "conflict minerals" sourced from illegal trade or via unserious suppliers.

All of our employees are committed to the general rules of conduct, norms and values in our society.


The company Inductron in Schrobenhausen is a medium-sized company in the technological field.

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