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Locations – Inductron international

Inductron mainly operate from two locations, the company headquarters in Schrobenhausen in Germany and our product development site in Nýřany in the Czech Republic which is primarily geared towards a variety of specific production services. Short supply chains and efficient production processes are the result of consistent coordination of both locations for the benefit of our customers.

Inductron operates as a reliable company both in Schrobenhausen and in the Czech Republic.

Location: Schrobenhausen, Germany

Schrobenhausen is the headquarters of Inductron Inductive Electronic Components GmbH and from here we coordinate our worldwide activities and support our customers from the first consultation to the development and construction of prototypes and large-scale production.

Our employees oversee the development and production of inductive components and systems here on a production area of 1600 m² and have the most modern production and testing facilities at their disposal to carry out all functional and high-voltage tests including UTA measurement up to 25 kV AC/DC.

A finely tuned and sophisticated logistics network enables us to seamlessly integrate additional capacities into production at our location in Nýřany (Czech Republic). Sustainability is also of the upmost importance to us as our entire energy supply in Schrobenhausen is ensured by self-generated, regenerative energy.

Inductron GmbH operates internationally and operates two plants, one each in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Location: Nýřany, Czech Republic

Inductron has outsourced a number of production processes to our Czech location in Nýřany. Here at Inductron Inductive Electronic Components s.r.o. the complete finishing of inductive components takes place.

This includes the winding, assembly and potting of highly insulating components and the required raw materials are sourced both from our Schrobenhausen headquarters as well as directly from approved suppliers.

This optimised and efficient supply chain is short and reliable and, thanks to weekly delivery cycles, also gives us the flexibility to enable for short-term changes in production capacities if the order volume needs to be adjusted.

All activities are subject to the same strict quality guidelines as production at the headquarters in Schrobenhausen and clients from numerous industries rely on Inductron's transparent and reliable production of inductive components.

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