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Inductron is your reliable partner for inductive components and high-quality products from a single source.

Our products

Developed and manufactured according to the exact specifications of our clients' standards, our reliable and high-quality products are the essence of Inductron where precision and quality are of the upmost importance.

Whether you need a completely new development, are looking to create a new version of older components, or simply want to perfect existing concepts, from custom-made products to large-scale production, we can offer all products in the field of inductive components and system solutions accordingly. Of course, we constantly take into account the aspects of sustainability, transparency and reliability in all areas.

Find out more about our transformers, chokes, current transformers, MELF holders and services that are guaranteed to help your project succeed.

Transformers are efficient components that you can have manufactured by Inductron in Schrobenhausen.


Our transmitters are inductive components used, for example, extensively in communications technology for powerless signal transmission. In terms of function and design, they are similar to classic transformers, but differ in terms of application and number of windings.

Transmitters work with the highest possible signal quality and a wider frequency band than classic transformers. Wherever high signal quality and a compact design are required, transmitters are the best choice for the job and our transformers can be found in a wide variety of industries in the field of power electronics and power supply technology.

In contrast to commercially available mains transformers, which are primarily designed for the standard mains frequency of 50 Hz, our transmitters are used for processes requiring up to several 100 kilohertz. This is made possible thanks to higher switching frequencies, which also bring advantages in terms of weight and efficiency.

Therefore, compared to the 50 Hz transformers that are otherwise common in Europe, our transmitters are not only lighter and more compact, but also much more efficient and cheaper.

Chokes are valuable elements of electrical engineering and are available from Inductron GmbH in Schrobenhausen.


In electrical engineering, chokes are commonly used as storage elements within ttimed circuits or as a component for efficient radio interference suppression - a well-known procedure for developers and designers, especially in larger systems and power supplies.

When suppressing interference, it is of particular importance that low-frequency current and direct current be influenced to a minimum by the choke. High-frequency alternating currents, on the other hand, are to be actively and effectively reduced by chokes. This is made possible by the comparatively high inductive resistance of the applied chokes.

Our high-quality chokes are used wherever the generation of high-frequency interference radiation is to be reduced or completely avoided. At Inductron, we work with our clients to develop individual, custom solutions for chokes that meet all parameters in accordance with the project requirements.

Inductron is your professional contact for inductive components and current transformers in the Ingolstadt region.

Current transformers

Our inductive current transformers are primarily used to record actual current values in electrical devices and systems and are installed in electrical controls and devices where the actual current values are to be mapped precisely. Additionally, current transformers are also often used in protective devices to detect fault currents.

Many current transformers are relatively simple in design and usually have a small number of primary windings through which electric current flows. The secondary windings are connected to an appropriate current meter, and this increasingly includes modern SMART meters for the exact measurement of power consumption.

Inductron current transformers meet all quality specifications and design-related requirements for the reliable determination of actual current values and can be flexibly adapted for your individual project.

Regardless of whether you want to precisely determine the power consumption of devices or need to set up effective protective circuits - our current transformers can be optimised for many different types of use within a variety of industries.

We look for individual solutions for your components and implement them professionally using modern methods.

MELF Holders

MELF is an acronym for Metal Electrode Leadless Faces and describes a special type of assembly for passive components and many MELF SMD components are still used in the production of SMD circuit boards today.

MELF components have two connections, found exclusively on the contact surfaces on the front side of the component and thus do not require any additional connection wire - hence the term "leadless". Our MELF holders are used for the individual assembly of SMD circuit boards with appropriately designed passive components such as capacitors and resistors.

Precision and high reliability of the MELF holders are particularly important within the MELF housing. Despite their greater space requirements and sometimes higher costs compared to chips, MELF components are still used in products where factors such as long-term stability, dielectric strength or temperature stability are crucial. Inductron MELF holders are ideal for such applications.

Inductron Services

We offer our customers a wide range of comprehensive services from conception through development to production on any scale and our claim to quality and reliability is matched only by our absolute customer orientated philosophy.

Whether regarding an innovative new development or a new edition of established technologies - with us you will always find the perfect support and guidance from our excellently trained employees. All of this and much more is at your disposal when working together with Inductron. Here you can find out more about our comprehensive services from a variety of areas.

In order to perfectly match the inductive components to each other, we work with a prototype construction system to achieve precise results.


Our team accompanies you with tailor-made solutions to meet all of your individual requirements. Need a sample for a specific product? "Off-the-shelf" tools are often not available for prototyping or special customer requirements, but never fear, our prototyping department is here to help.

We can respond to your individual specifications with our own toolmaking department. Occasionally even older designs can be reviewed and adapted accordingly as a solution to new problems - but who can still supply obsolete designs? The answer is simple: Inductron can take over the new edition for the required design for you and produce it in the desired quantity.

Test measurements or noise control measurements can be carried out directly by us. Our equipment, which also includes the UTA measuring station, covers different frequency and amplitude ranges.

When developing high-quality components, we value an innovative work process and precise designs.


Not all clients come to us with finished concepts that can go into production immediately. Individually designed inductive components require many development steps so that in the end there is the perfect product that meets the desired requirements.

Therefore, Inductron offers the following services, which are particularly suitable for preliminary development, but are also in demand for furthermore advanced stages beginning with the correct magnetic design to meet the required technical specifications of the application.

We can of course also carry out the further construction if the client so desires and, if everything is satisfactory and the individual requirements are met, the product can finally go into production. At Inductron the client has the advantage of being able to receive everything from a single source. Our team communicates transparently and reliably with your developers throughout all stages of production and coordinates extensively all the details of the development phase for the first draft.

We accompany and advise you through the entire development process and work out optimal solutions for the requirements placed on the component.

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