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The efficient development and production methods at Inductron are sustainable and innovative.

The latest developments within the electronics industry form the basis for the technologies used by Inductron and in addition to environmental protection and sustainability, efficiency, reliability and quality are essential standards for all of our processes.

As well as our established and extensively tested procedures that have proven themselves in the field time and time again, we also professionally implement new and customer-specific technologies. As standardised machine production is not always possible, we have our own capacity for toolmaking and manual production when dealing with individual client solutions, giving us the flexibility to respond to a wide range of challenges.

We see ourselves as a solution partner for your individual requirements - and this is of course also reflected in our applied technologies.

As a medium-sized company with international business partners, Inductron works with safe high-voltage technology.

High Voltage Technology

Safety and reliability are amongst the most important quality standards for our products and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of high-voltage technology, where errors can have extremely serious consequences. With our high-voltage test machines, which are specially tailored to national and international standards, we are able to carry out various test procedures stringently and professionally.

These include, for example, the electrical insulation capacity or dielectric strength, enabling us to reliably determine air and transmission distances on the surfaces of inductive components. In addition, we perform partial discharge tests in accordance with the relevant international standards and safe electrical separation of the respective components as required by all current guidelines.

Precision and quality are especially in the field of inductive high-voltage technology non-negotiable issues and the safety and reliability of such components are among the reasons why our clients choose Inductron and our exlusive products.

Our proven technologies have stood their ground time and time again in a wide variety of conditions and our reputable high level of customer satisfaction in this area speaks for itself.

Encapsulation techniques have proven themselves for the protection of high-quality inductive components.


Under certain operating conditions, electrical components can be exposed to high humidity or corrosive environments. Corrosion in particular is a common and feared source of error and there are various methods for reliably and long-term protecting inductive components against corrosion and other harmful environmental influences.

So-called encapsulation techniques have proven to be particularly useful in this area and transformers, coils and chokes can be reliably protected against undesirable environmental effects by encapsulation or vacuum impregnation. But that's not all: Careful encapsulation of inductive components has also proven beneficial with regard to the improvement of component properties.

Such properties include for example temperature resistance, electrical insulation and heat dissipation. Last but not least, the components also benefit from increased mechanical strength due to professional encapsulation. Vibrations or direct mechanical loads on the sensitive inductive components are significantly reduced, which in turn benefits the durability and reliability of the overall system.

Our tried and tested encapsulation processes are carried out directly at our own production site and are therefore subject to our own strict quality assurance requirements.

CAD systems are also used at Inductron GmbH in Schrobenhausen for the production of inductive components..

CAD Systems

Nowadays modern CAD systems are indispensable in the development and production of high-quality electrical components. At Inductron, we have long relied on the earliest possible integration of computer-aided design (CAD) and the use of high-quality CAD systems has certainly been a huge advantage for us, especially in the development of new inductive components.

Many development steps can already be planned using CAD technology and the effects on the final product, or the manufacturing process, can be analysed in great detail. Of course, this requires CAD software that is precisely tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

For our clients, this means immense cost savings right from the initial development stage, as potential sources of error are brought to light much more quickly as oppose to later in production which can often result in expensive rectification measures.

Our in-house tool shop guarantees you the professional manufacture of complex components.


Inductron has its own toolmaking department in order to be able to implement customer-specific wishes promptly and cost-effectively. For us this is the only reasonable way to offer solutions for inductive components and systems for which there are no finished tools available.

As we can offer our clients everything from a single source, there are no potential logistical or time-based losses or communication problems that can easily arise when working with external tool construction companies. In addition, this gives us the flexibility to react extremely quickly to changing requirements, enabling us to continually offer our customers an individual and economically viable solution.

As a result, our clients not only receive a perfect and satisfactory end-product, but also the opportunity to install it immediately at the desired location. Thanks to our tool shop, we are also able to create individual pieces and difficult concepts to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Even if mechanical production reaches its limits, we can implement your individual wishes in our factory.

Manual Production

Although modern manufacturing technology and automation have progressed immensely within the industry over recent years, there are always situations in which machine production reaches its limits.

Possible reasons for this can be, for example, special customer specifications or specific product configurations. In these cases, the tried and tested art of manual work is often the best and cheapest solution to remedy the situation - sometimes it can also be the only viable solution to seeing a project through successfully.

We therefore offer our customers manual production if required and utilise semi-automated production techniques as far as possible, provided this is of course desired or is the most efficient method for the respective project.

As we constantly strive to react flexibly to customer requests, manual production is and will remain an important element in our service portfolio. Get in touch - we're more than happy to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your project.

At Inductron you get tailor-made solutions for your order and a professionally developed component as well!

Client Specific Solutions

Particularly in the inductive components sector, the application of client specific solutions is very common practice, and many concepts have additional passive circuit components that have to be additionally built into the desired components.

Our ability to integrate such customer-specific technologies into our inductive components in a timely and cost-effective manner often enables our customers to achieve a significantly more compact design that is self-contained. It is therefore particularly important to us to integrate these technologies into our products.

The final result is an optimised product that perfectly meets the individual requirements of the customer and delivers the desired performance. It goes without saying that we of course also offer the same testing and manufacturing standards for customer-specific technologies as for our standard components.

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